Garden art has always been Amy’s calling. Beginning with simple birdhouse in high school, Amy honed her skills through many years of designing and making feeders, bird baths, garden stakes, wind chimes and more. She began selling her work at art fairs in 2005 and continues to show at art and craft fairs across the Pacific Northwest. Amy spent many hours observing the antics of abundant songbirds visiting her garden and feeders. She drew each species on paper and then designed a bird on a branch using sheet metal and rods. Each bird has many layers of feather, and each layer is spaced apart using hardware and welding techniques (her husband helps out whenever he can). The resulting product is a dramatic, three dimensional, lively songbird that brightens one’s flower pot and garden. Each bird is beautifully finished with enamel paint, and makes the brilliant artwork weather resistant. Amy’s creativity is constantly evolving as she is always keeping her eyes open for new ideas and new designs. Stop by her booth, and you will be delighted by what you encounter.